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Tips on Answering Literature for PMR September 7, 2008

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Hi..I am preparing some online quizes and tests for PMR English papers. I hope this will be helpful to all, students, teachers and parents. I am working on something for MUET as well. I understand that this paper is extra tough, thus I hope all of you would gain some useful info here. Good Luck!


7 Responses to “Tips on Answering Literature for PMR”

  1. Sagacious Says:

    can please tell me,how to answer the question of literature for pmr?!and also on how to speak well in english…

  2. chalkntalk Says:

    Dear Rahayu,

    You can only excel in answering the literature section through reading and understanding of the literary text. Plus, there are techniques in answering the questions that you have to abide to.

    Firstly, highlight all the key words in the rubric (question). Understand what does the question want you to do. For eg:

    Write about the value of courage in the novel that you have read. The key words are ‘value’, ‘courage’. So you ought to focus on the value of courage as potrayed by the characters. You MUST support your answers with textual evidence.

    What if you are asked to write about the value of courage learnt from the novel that has made you a better person? This kind of question is tricky as it requires you to answer two things simultaneously. The key words are ‘value’, ‘courage’ and ‘you a better person’. In this case, you have to mention the incidents in the novel that potray the value of courage. Provide textual evidence, and most importantly, tie up your answer with how this has made you a better person. For instance, Raoul risked his life to save Christine from the Phantom, even though he knew that his life was in jeopardy. He had to face the challenges in the Torture Chamber because he was determined to save Christine. Christine was Raoul’s love interest, that was why he was willing to save her. From this, I have learnt that I should be courageous to save my loved ones. My courageous effort is the manifestation of my true love.

    There is no short cut to be proficient in English. It is all about practise, continuously. Even I am learning new things in English everyday. The golden rule is to read, speak and write. Plus, you need to have a good dictionary for you to refer to.

    Good Luck for the coming PMR. English is Fun!


  3. syaz anira Says:

    syaz anira on holiday assignment (the dr0ver’s wife) Its fun!! haha=)

  4. amira Says:

    please help me…i have a problem to do an essay for literature question

  5. sabrina Says:

    Hi guys! just wanna tell u i’m really good at english subject. i got A for every exam . u guys can ask me through my email

  6. alleya Says:

    can anyone tell me how to make a good essay for section A. ???

  7. asyraff Says:

    hi, i would like to learn more about the sample questions of PMR literature.pls guides me.tq

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